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22 Jul 2017

Important Factors to Consider Prior to Purchasing a Cordless Power Tool Set


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Posted By Fernando R.

A cordless power tool set is extremely beneficial to own for any homeowner, handyman, or anyone who enjoys creating certain projects or items as a hobby. Since they became available in the marketplace, cordless power tools have become one of the leading sellers in the hardware industry and continue to grow in popularity due to continuous improvements made through innovative technology that are making cordless power tools more user friendly. However, if you are interested in purchasing a power tool set for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there are several important factors that you should consider prior to making your selection among the wide range of cordless tools available today.

Tools and Accessories in a Cordless Power Tool Set

Cordless power tool sets come in a variety of different combination packs with two or more cordless tools and accessories in each set. The most basic two piece cordless tool set typically contains a cordless screwdriver and drill which is sufficient for doing small jobs around the house such as hanging home decor, drilling holes, or fastening screws, nuts, and bolts. Some of these two piece sets include different attachments for the tools that make it possible for them to perform other tasks such as sanding, stripping, or cutting. The larger sets of cordless tools may include a circular saw, nail gun, impact wrench, grinder, and hammer-drill. There are also accessories that come with many of these tool sets that may include a cordless flashlight, radio, or MP3 player.

The cordless tools in these combination sets are available in full or compact sizes with both types having their advantages when performing certain tasks. The primary differences in these tools are their size, weight, and strength or power. Compact cordless power tools are advantageous for tasks that need to be performed in small or tight spaces and are easier to carry around as they can fit comfortably in your pocket or tool belt. However, full size cordless power tools are better for larger jobs and working on materials that are heavier as they are more powerful. Many professional contractors or individuals who utilize power tools frequently will own both the compact and full sizes.

The different Power Capabilities of Cordless Tools

One of the most important factors to consider prior to purchasing a power tool set is the strength or power the tools will have. The power or strength of a cordless tool is directly related to the battery and the amount of voltage that is typically displayed on the outside of the box or can be found in the specifications. The most commonly available cordless tools range between nine point six and thirty six volts of power. While lower voltage cordless tools may be fine for occasional usage on small jobs such as hanging pictures or small repairs, individuals who frequently do home repairs or work on larger projects will require higher voltage power tools. The eighteen volt cordless tools are typically the highest needed for most home improvement projects. Higher voltage tools are typically used by professionals for their occupational needs. Whether you are purchasing a cordless tool set that will be used for occasional small jobs around the house or professional use, you should be sure to invest in cordless tools that are of a high quality as they are durable and will last for many years.


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