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17 Jul 2017

Why Use Air Tools?


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Posted By Sarah C.

Air tools are not that common and if you are out to shop for tools, you will literally see the banners of "power tools for sale" everywhere but it would be hard to find a banner that says "Air tools for sale". Many online retailers and brick and mortar stores offer power and cordless tools for sale but their variety of air tools is either nonexistent or underwhelming.

That doesn't mean air tools are not a great choice for a tradesman, in fact it's quite the opposite. Air tools have various advantages over other types of tools.

Pneumatic Tools Don't Use Motors

You know about power tools, right? Then you would also know that every power tool has an electric motor inside which is integral for operation. Air tools don't have one. They use mechanical structures and compressors to convert air or any other gas into a force, which is basically pressure.

Lack of electric motor and other electronic parts means better reliability and a considerably lower rate of failure as electrical/electronic components are more prone to damage. As mentioned earlier, many retailers don't offer air tools for sale but there are a few renowned online portals where you would be able to shop from a large variety.

Smaller and More Ergonomic

As discussed earlier, air tools don't have large and heavy electrical components so that results in a lighter tool that has a much smaller footprint than other types of tools. For the same reason, air tools are very convenient to use and their portability is unmatched.

Lack of electrical components enables manufacturers to show their engineering prowess with a more ergonomic design while giving consumer the luxury of using a tool without any need of electrical power.

Technical Advantages of Air Tools

* In pneumatic tools, power to weight ratio is far greater than electrical tools and because of the same reason they are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable to handle. It also makes them more portable as you can fit more air tools in the same space.

* Pneumatic tools provide greater torque and more revolutions per minute (rpm) when compared to power tools, giving consumers the opportunity to finish their tasks quickly and effectively.

* There is only one time upfront cost for high quality air compressor but, later on your expenses decrease dramatically as retailers put air tools for sale at much cheaper prices.

Basically when you buy a high end compressor, you actually buy one extremely powerful motor instead of various little and less powerful motors in the form of electrical tools.

Maintenance and Repair

Air tools are very easy to maintain as there are no electrical parts and because of the use of pressurized air, they don't get dirty with dust and other stuff. Air tools hardly catch any defect or damage but even if they do, you don't have anything to worry about as replacement parts of air tools are easily available and are quite inexpensive when compared to the replacement parts of electrical tools.


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